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31 December 2025 @ 10:10 am
This account was created just for posting to day_on_earth community.
If you would like to contact me please leave a comment here.
Thanks to everyone who voted!

Here is the e-mail that I sent to LJ Spotlight:

Dear Spotlight team,

our community is very honored that it is included in the shortlist for the Anthology. We voted for the best 5 entries to suggest, and here are the winners:

http://community.livejournal.com/day_on_earth/54851.html http://community.livejournal.com/day_on_earth/184387.html http://community.livejournal.com/day_on_earth/223790.html http://community.livejournal.com/day_on_earth/71127.html http://community.livejournal.com/day_on_earth/212784.html

A bit about our community: we have one post per day, and community members from all over the world submit pictures (no more than one per person) taken on that day as comments to that post. Members can comment on submitted pictures, and sometimes lively discussions take place. Then one of the moderators chooses a "top" picture for that day and copies it into the post itself with a proper credit to the author. Thus, while the top post is technically edited by "daily_poster" (an account created by the moderators to maintain the community), it presents a fully credited picture by one of the members.

Also note that comments are an essential part of what's happening in the community, and it would be great if they are included in the publication as well. Most community members are likely to have print-quality copies of their pictures if such copies are needed.

I also would like to say that this community is a wonderful place that includes people from all over the world, of many different ages (from students to grandparents), and with different level of background in photography. It is great to see all of these people discussing each other's pictures (and sometimes stories behind these pictures) in such a friendly way. Over the years day_on_earth members continue to amaze me by their artistic skills, creativity, the ability to see beauty wherever they happened to be, and the dedication to sharing it with others. This is a wonderful and fun group of people!

I would be happy to answer any questions that might arise.

Thanks for choosing day_on_earth, and best wishes!

On behalf of the community,

Elena (a.k.a. _rowan_tree_

Now let's just keep our fingers crosssed.
Dear day_on_earth members and supporters,

I just received an e-mail from LJ Spotlight asking to submit up to 5 entries so that one of them may be chosen for in the LiveJournal 10th Anniversary Anthology.

See the details:
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This post will serve as the voting place for the entries. Here is the deal:

  • You may suggest and/or vote for up to 5 entries in day_on_earth. I hope that the Spotlight entry will include comments as well so look for the posts with a great top picture and great comments.

  • To suggest an entry, please comment directly to this post. The subject of the comment must be the date of the post (include the year) and the contents of the comment must have the link to the post. Your suggestion counts as a vote as well.

  • To vote for posts already suggested, comment their suggestion with +1 (or anything)

  • If you like a suggestion so much that you want to vote for it more than once, please add separate comments with +1 rather than one with, say, +3: I will count the number of comments

  • The total number of each user's votes (including suggestions) must not exceed 5

  • No anonymous comments, please! They will not be counted.

  • Please do not remove your own suggestions that someone has already voted on

Note that there are a couple of considerations, such as the author of the post must give their permission to print the entry and all images must be available in at least 300 dpi. I understand that this may complicate things, but I hope we can deal with this when/if the entry is selected. However, please choose among relatively recent entries so that their authors are more likely to be available to provide the originals and sign the paperwork. I still think it's a very cool opportunity and worth trying for!

Please submit all your comments before noon CST on Sunday, March 29th, I will tally the results and send the top 5 posts then. Click here to know what your local time that would be.

I will not be receiving comment notifications from this post. If you would like to contact me, please leave a comment in my journal or reply to any of my comments.

Thanks to everyone for voting and thanks to all those who post pictures in day_on_earth!

Your faithful moderator _rowan_tree_